Membership  Information

The Darien Cotillion is always happy to consider new members.


Any couple or individual can apply to become a member of the Darien Cotillion. Individuals or couples wishing to apply for membership must be sponsored by an existing Darien Cotillion member.


Members are required to pay an annual membership fee. Additionally,  there is a per dance fee.


All memberships will be for a period of one year, beginning in the fall prior to the first dance.  Memberships are not transferable. 

New members joining after the season has begun will pay a pro-rated portion of the annual membership fee.  The pro-rated amount will be based on the number of remaining dances. 

Renewal of membership for each year will be subject to the approval of the current Board and payment of the annual membership fee by the due date.


If the club membership limit is reached, a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate those interested in becoming members.  Special membership situations will be handled by the Board on a case by case basis.  If a waiting list is in existence, at the Board’s discretion, a select number (depending on the capacity of the venue) of those on the list will be invited to attend a dance as guests of the Board. 


Waiting list attendees will pay the same dance fee as members.   If a waiting list is in existence and a vacancy occurs during the dance year, the vacancy will be filled from the waiting list. 


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Acceptance of membership applications are at the discretion of the Darien Cotillion Board of Directors.


Individuals becoming members must always bring a partner to the dances.


To enquire about join the Darien Cotillion, please fill out the form above. Once received, you will be contacted by our membership chairperson.